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Amazing Nerija Biel talks about the opportunities and life in USA

In Home, Blog, Amazing Nerija Biel talks about the opportunities and life in USA

Amazing Nerija Biel talks about the opportunities and life in USA

Before she had left Lithuania, Nerija knew that the U.S. would have  more opportunities for herself and her  children: son Titus (11) and daughter Catherine (16).

She works in a casino, which is owned by  her friends from Carano tribe. Nerija calls this work perfect, because the work schedule is very flexible as it is very important for her as a model as that give her possibilities to travel. For example, last year, every three weeks Nerija visited Los Angeles, as well as trips to Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas.

The model makes no secret that her best friends are men. Nerija is a cheerful person, she likes to riot, because, as she said, life is to short to be unhappy. Especially living in the United States. As she said, people here are good-natured unlike to the negative Lithuanians.

In California there is no place which she  not have visited. She loves Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu beach. Nerija loves as well to  relax by the ocean, but she do not like Hollywood - there's too many tourists.

Another reason why she is often in Los Angeles - a cozy cafe Caffe Primo. In this place Nerija can sit for hours, eat beloved pancakes with bananas and caramel and speak with friends about life.

When Nerija came to America, she was fascinated by the fab weather, an abundance of fruits and vegetables, a variety of cuisines restaurants and many shops.

Nerija say that she doesn’t have  a big sweet tooth. Although she is very fond of ice cream and smoothies made from ice cream, but more often she drinking the smoothies from fruits and berries. She can  only  not surrender and give up her  favorite sandwich with turkey, avocado, lettuce and bean sprouts.

Nerija, like most women loves shopping, especially at the Victoria's Secret lingerie store. Her wardrobe is full of high heels, skirts, dresses and handbags.

According to her, the Americans are not crazy about the luxury brands. Nerija does not choose only famous designer clothes and accessories. True, some Chanel handbags she can boast, but often she choose the clothes according to her mood, rather than the brand.

Every morning the model call to her mom. Nerija and her mother are very close: they not only meet a few times a day, but often goes together at parties.

Since she moved to  USA Nerija have never been back and visit Lithuania. As a model said, she most wants to see his brother and sister as well as visited his friends in Vilnius.

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